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CIA Director John Brennan has strong response to Trumps

Evidence DARPA-CIA time travel pre-identified Trump as future U.S. President. U.S. Presidents George H.W. Bush, George W. Bush, Bill Clinton, and Barack Obama were also pre-identified by secret Presidential time travel preidentification program, according to Andrew D. Basiago, former chrononaut and 2016 Presidential candidate

Bannon is pulling one over on Trump. There is zero reason

Former chief Trump strategist Steve Bannon on Sirius XMs "Breitbart News Daily" Wednesday said the people are 6-0, and President Trump is 5-1, after Mr. Trumps pick in the Alabamas U.S. Senate

I’m Canadian, but Trump’s got a point about unfair trade

The presidential campaign has reached a fever pitch as Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump and their surrogates sweep through battleground states.

Bannon to Trump after Stranges defeat: Dont get on the

Robert Lighthizer, Donald Trumps pick for trade representative, is being urged at his confirmation hearing to get tough with Canada.

What are similarities and differences between Donald Trump

READ MORE: Donald Trump is extremely unpopular in B.C., according to new poll. Speaking at a rally in Wilmington, North Carolina on Tuesday, Trump said “the Second Amendment” may be the only

U.S. intelligence picked up Donald Trump’s own

The debate over whether to officially pull the US out of the Paris climate accord has been raging in the Trump White House for months. There have been widely announced meetings, then delays of

U.S. Congress urges get-tough approach with Canada in

President Trump’s recent brag about discussing trade with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in brazenly bad faith — insisting, in admitted ignorance, upon the existence of a Canadian

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In an interview with the Wall Street Journal, the outgoing head of the Central Intelligence Agency blasted the president-elect for implying he was responsible for …

Rob Reiner on Donald Trump’s 2nd Amendment remarks

• Both Trump and Reagan were elected as candidates from the Republican Party. • Both men were old — very old — when they began their tenures, but tried hard to disguise this with vanities like hair dye.

Evidence DARPA-CIA time travel pre-identified Trump as

Donald Trumps personal communications were picked up by U.S. intelligence operations that were monitoring foreign espionage targets, a top Republican said Wednesday in a major twist in the real